Cops Arrest Guy Fighting ON THE FLOAT at Parade

March 13, 2017

I was on Severn around the beginning of the route and this float seemed like they new how to party...just check out the pic of the whiskey being chugged below. It was getting passed around pretty freely when they rolled past us. Cut to couple hours down the route...there's a fight happening ON THE FLOAT.

To be clear, I DON'T think it was the guy in this picture below, but when I saw which float it was...I wasn't too surprised.

What's crazy to me is that usually when you ride, you're with friends. When the fighter gets pulled of the float by the police (around the 600 block of Metairie Rd), nobody gets off with him. I'm guessing nobody was enjoying him. The riders on the float were the ones to signal police who jumped right in. While the guy was removed from the float by the police, he was not arrested.