Browns Fans Held 'Kicking Tryouts' In The Middle Of Bourbon St. After Loss (VIDEO)

Who Dat!

September 17, 2018


People really don't give NFL kickers much credit, but after yesterday's Saints vs. Browns game we all found out just how important they really are. 

Zane Gonzalez will go down as one of the best Saints players ever (just kidding) he missed 2 field goals and 2 extra points in a loss to the Saints yesterday. I think Brown's fans are so used to loosing that they make light of anything their team does. 

They even went has far as doing their own kicking try outs in New Orleans in the middle of Bourbon St. following the loss to the Saints. 

Here is another angle: 

BTW: Zane Gonzalez was replaced and he was kicking with a groin injury yesterday according to FOX SPORTS. 

At least it didn't get as serious as this Brown's fan in the dome. This dude won't stop punching himself in the face. WTF!!!!