Bacon Wrapped King Cake: Get It At 'Little J's' In Harahan, LA

It's King Cake Time In The City!!

January 9, 2021
King Cake

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Every King Cake season there's something unique that catches my eye and taste buds and I have to try it!! This year it's the "Bacon Wrapped King Cake" you can only get at Little J's Dounuts in Harahan, LA.  

Owner Joshua Dean came up with the 'Bacon Wrapped King Cake' one day while he was bored at work and said " How can I take my King Cake's to the next level? " Then started making his king cakes and said "I bet this king cake would be good wrapped with bacon." BAM! The 'Bacon Wrapped King Cake' was born. 

He makes it fresh every day @1301 Hickory Ave, Harahan, LA.

Josha has been making donuts for 25 years now and decided to open his own shop but didn't want to make traditional donuts. When he decided to go forward with opening his donut shop is when the pandemic hit and it pushed him back 2 months but he didn't give up hope. He son Jacen is what gives him inspriation and is also who he named his donut shop after...'Little J's'  you can see his son Jacen in the logo.

You can follow him on InstagramFacebook 

BTW he also makes Chantilly king cake....OMG!!!!!!! 

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A post shared by Little J’s Donuts (@littlejsdonuts)

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