My weekly Lookout find

June 28, 2018

This Week’s LOOKOUT brought to you by MetroPCs.

My weekly finds are raw organic cocoa and shea butters! If you have tried every single lotion and body butter like I have, you start to wonder if you can make you own.  Thanks to my Metro PCS phone I found great recipes.  I can whip up my own body butter right in my own kitchen.  It’s almost like I’m baking a cake.  So far I have made many different body butters. 

I searched for essential oils and added camphor and eucalyptus to make a body butter for when I have a cold.  I’ve got lavender scented body butter and other scents.  I used my Metro PCS phone to learn more about how to get the perfect consistency and find the best shea butter.  All with my Metro PCS phone with unlimited data and 4 lines for ONLY $100. Thank you METROPCS for making searching so easy.