Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Blogs

Big Al Has No Game

We’ve been having so much fun on the show's family vacation… and we’ve been enjoying watching Big Al’s game play. He’s terrible at it and Part-Time Justin gave a great play-by-play of everything that he did wrong last night. Read More

How Did Jenna's "The One" Date Go?

“I meet girls that are hot, I meet girls that are funny, and I meet girls that are smart but you’re all of those things” – What Jenna’s date said to her Jenna had her first date with The One… How did it go? Is he still The One? Video of Jenna's Date With The One Read More

Kellie’s Cheap Moment

Kellie is absolutely livid because of something that happened at Target. Allen should have been paying attention! Although this should surprise nobody. LOL! Video of Kellie Being Thrifty! Read More

Update: Did Jenna Already Ruin It with "The One"?

Jenna professed that he was The One even though they haven’t officially met yet… and then he ghosted her on texts. Has she heard from him again or did she ruin her chances with The One? Jenna gives us an update on her date. Video of Jenna's Date Update Read More

Did Jenna Find "The One"?

Jenna bragged to J-Si that she found “The One” and it’s giving her butterflies… Who is this guy? Listen below to find out all about him... And check out how Jenna can apparently make EVERYONE feel better... Video of Jenna Can Make You Feel Better Read More

Big Al's Vacation Partner Requirements

Big Al wants someone to join him on vacation in Mexico next month but they have to meet a very particular list of requirements. Do you think ANYONE would go with him? Video of Big Al's Travel Partner Requirements Read More

J-Si’s Kids Talk About Their Sad Backyard

J-Si’s kids Cason and Chloe came in studio and talked about their favorite things about their dad… And revealed the sad reason why they never want to play in the backyard. Video of Cason and Chloe Love Their Dad! Full audio here... Read More