Recap Kellie and Allen's Anniversary Vacation to Mexico

July 19, 2018

Can you believe that it’s already been a year?! Kellie and Allen celebrate their first wedding anniversary in Mexico… Did they run into any other show members while they were there?

Plus, Big Al and J-Si experience a super scary situation at the airport.

We landed about two hours ago and we’re FINALLY in the back of a van headed to our hotel. But @thealanzo1971’s got it going his way now! @asandwichandsomelovin @kiddnation

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Representing the USA in Mexico!! Happy Fourth of July!! God bless the USA!! @thealanzo1971 @asandwichandsomelovin @kiddnation

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Here’s @thealanzo1971 sticking to that “I’m not drinking any alcohol today!” And it’s only 10:30!! @asandwichandsomelovin @kiddnation

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Our last night! -- But it’s been a very relaxing one year anniversary! And I didn’t have to wear my resort uniform tonight!

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