J-Si's Moving

Find out why the family is sad about it

April 7, 2016

JSi's family
Well, we are officially going to be moving. It’s happening for sure now! We are all set with the new house. It’s perfect because it’s in a good school district, safe neighborhood, and not super far from work. It’s going to be a great long time home, but it’s starting to hit me. I love the house that we have now! We have built so many memories with our kids. Birthdays, Christmas, Chloe being born… but most importantly, I am going to miss my neighbors. I started feeling emotional about leaving them, because good people like these are hard to find. When it comes to neighbors, we feel like we hit the jackpot with our current house.

There are our next-door neighbors. An older couple. The gentleman can fix anything, is always working on his home, and served our country! His wife is the nicest lady, who likes to cook, and reminds me of someone who has definitely enjoyed life to the fullest. My kids are in love with them. They treat my kids like their grandchildren. First thing Cason and Chloe want to do when we get home, is run over to their house to say hi. When we drive past their house, the kids roll down the windows and scream “bye”. They always come over and bring us food, and treats for the kids. When I am out of town and Kinsey needs help, they are there. Now, we are moving into an unknown. What if we don’t have a relationship like that with any of the new neighbors. We go over to their home and have wine all the time!

Then, there’s our neighbor across the street. He always keeps an eye out for us, and I realized how lucky we are to have these people in our lives on Saturday. We were leaving because we had some showings, my neighbor across the street was mowing his lawn, and Kinsey complemented him and said it was looking good. We were gone for about 4 hours, and when we returned we noticed that our lawn had been cut. He crossed the street and mowed our lawn to make sure it looked good for the showing. These things don’t happen very often! People like these are hard to find, and we have two great neighbors!

Now, our house is under contract. There will be a family that moves in there and gets to experience what we have been able to experience for the last few years, and I am happy for them, because the people that are in the process of buying our house remind me of my wife and me.

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