Caught in Bed Cheating from Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

August 24, 2018

The cheating drama from yesterday's show on KiddNation goes further. The guy who got caught in bed with another woman called the show and so did the mistress and his mom! You gotta hear this mess… 

It all started with First World Problems... And then this call comes in about a video that you wouldn’t want to go viral! It starts at 12minutes and 12seconds into First World Problems. OMG!

Here's the video...


We heard all about this viral video yesterday where someone was caught in bed cheating with another woman… There have been several updates since we were first alerted! We hear from the woman in bed, the cheater’s mother, and the cheater himself!

Talking to the girl that was in the bed!

After we talked to Andrea… Tammy, the mother of the man who was in bed, called us!

Later, we talked to Dakota… The man who was caught in bed.