Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Blogs

Comedian Bo Burnham Talks About the Movie "Eighth Grade"

Comedian Bo Burnham calls to talk about his first feature film as writer and director of “Eighth Grade”… Find out why Bo decided to do a movie about the 8th grade, and how he continues to retaliate against his leading lady’s teacher! Video of Bo Burnham's Biggest Fan! Full interview audio... Read More

Was Big Al’s Date Successful?

Big Al took a friend on a date… Wait, was it even a date? Why did Jenna and Kellie both get messages about Big Al’s date? Find out what happened… Do you think there will be a second date? Read More

Recap Kellie and Allen's Anniversary Vacation to Mexico

Can you believe that it’s already been a year?! Kellie and Allen celebrate their first wedding anniversary in Mexico… Did they run into any other show members while they were there? Plus, Big Al and J-Si experience a super scary situation at the airport. Video of Kellie's Marijuana Story... Read More

Big Al Gets His Armpits Waxed (VIDEO)

Everyone got to relax at the spa for the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show family vacation except Big Al! J-Si had a surprise for him after his massage... Video of Family Vacation - Big Al Gets His Armpit Waxed! Read More