Not so bad...

Thank god it didn't happen

July 16, 2019
No alot but it could have been

It's been a few days since the impending doom.  We have had a a little time to think about what could have happened. I've heard alot of opinions about everything that DIDN'T happen.  I for one am very happy it did NOT happen the way the weather people thought it was going to happen.  All I can say is that everybody was ready.. The mayor was on it and I feel everybody had their game plan together for the first time in A LONG TIME!! I also have to say that WWL-AM 870, WWL-FM 105.3, and WWL.COM was a huge leader in coverage and I couldn't be more proud to be apart of what was happening behind the scenes!! Everyone in the New Orleans area should rest just a little easier knowing how commited the people are here at Entercom New Orleans to bring you all of the information as needed. In all fairness, I thought all of the media did such a great job in presenting what was happening.  Let's not do this again, but if we have to YOU KNOW WE ARE READY!