More light!!


November 24, 2020
Dark out

It's that time of year and the worst year ever!  For the next 15-16 days we will be entering into the shortest days for daylight of the the year and that means sunset right at 5pm.  There is light at the end of the tunnel because starting December 10th it starts going the other way, we start getting more light day by day.  Let's look at it this way it could be waaaay worse.  Sunset in Portland, Maine is at 4:08pm, and Sunset in Anchorage, Alaska is at 4:02pm today.  Not only is it Maine and Alaska but it's cold and BLAHHHH in both of those places.  Starting today and going thru Decemeber 10th we will have Sunset at 5pm exactly.... BUT then more daylight YAAAY!