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Having fun at work

Wow, now that's an office

Why not have fun at work? This is someones office here at the B97 building. Everybody loves it!!! Does anybody at your job do this to their office? Read More

Footlong Egg Roll

Never saw this til last night but there is a place with the best egg roll ever!! It's the footlong one lol.. Easily feeds 3-4 people.. It's a place in the Quarter and it was great!! Now I'm going to eat something cause it's making me hungry again! Read More

T-Pot the Cat Lady!!

If a bumper sticker ever described someone this totally descibes Tpot... If you see somebody driving on I 10 with this sticker on it's probably her (this is the one from her car). I think she has like 12 cats or something. Anyway, stay away from her if you have allergies to cats cause it's ugly!! Read More
It smells like Vodka

99.99 %

I use this thing everyday and I wonder does this thing really work? It's smells like it does.. but it won't say 100%... It's says 99.99% Ahhhhhhhh!! What happens if I get sick after using this thing? We'll we said it's only 99.99% sure that it'll work.. LOLOL!! Read More
Had some today!

.59 Cents = happiness

Look, every once and a while you just want something fast and easy!! These noodles have always been great:)) Just sharing... Read More
cough cough cough

These are sooooooo good!

I saw these on the store self today and I thought how good these were and if I should just buy them even though I didn't have a cough. It alos totally flashed me back to when i was a kid. Would you eat these if you didn't really need them? Read More
She loves NOLA

Caroline Kraddick in NOLA!!

Caroline Kraddick is in New Orleans this weekend and making a difference!! Here is Carloine at Children's Hospital Friday with her new friends.. Stop by and say hi to her here: Après Lounge - Friday, June 22 - 7pm-9pm 608 Fulton St, New Orleans, LA 70130 Media Contact: Logan May (214) 478-9554... Read More
Come hang with LSU

LSU Coaches Caravan!!!

Check this out... It's the LSU Football Caravan hosted by WWL and Entercom New Orleans. It's all happening Thursday, June 28th at Walk On's Bistreaux & Bar at the Clearview Mall. Everybody is gonna be there!! Ed Orgeron (Head Coach), Steve Ensminger (Offensive Coord.), Dave Aranda (Defensive... Read More