Wendy's Brings Back Spicy Chicken Nuggets This Monday

August 9, 2019

Back in May, Chance the Rapper tweeted he wanted Wendy’s to bring back the spicy chicken nuggets.

On Monday,  he and other diners will get the chance to savor the flavor they’ve been waiting for.

The popular fast food chain tweeted Thursday that the item would be returning to its restaurants’ menus.

Fans had taken to social media before to express hopes that the spicy nuggets would return. But it was Chance’s tweet that really seemed to get things cooking.

After the rapper, who’s scored hits like “No Problem” and “I’m the One,” tweeted he wanted the spicy nuggets to return, Wendy’s Twitter account posted it would bring them back if the tweet reached 2 million likes.

With the goal reached, the only question for fans now is which sauce to order on Monday.