Iggy Azalea Invites Fans Into the 'Twerkpit' at Upcoming Concert

Do you have what it takes to step inside the circle?

July 16, 2019

Are you prepared to drop it and let the whole world feel it?

A new era is underway for Iggy Azalea, and with it comes some fresh new ideas from the “Fancy” star.

The rapper’s new album, In My Defense, arrives on Friday and Azalea will celebrate with a special concert in Los Angeles the night of the release. Iggy’s show in L.A. will be a chance for her to perform new material for the first time, but it will also be the first opportunity for fans to step into the “twerkpit.”

What’s a twerkpit you ask? Please, allow the “Sally Walker” singer to explain.

“So if you come to my show, you’re gonna notice a giant yellow circle on the floor in the middle of GA that says ‘twerkpit’” Iggy described on Twitter Monday. “When it’s about that time at the show y’all gotta clear off the circle unless you bout to show us something crazy.”

It checks out. If there’s a save space to mosh, why not one for those who would rather twerk? Also, nobody gets hit in the face with a shoe and everybody wins. It’s the kind of bold ingenuity that we expect from Iggy, and we hope it becomes a staple of all her shows. Maybe all the shows? Okay, one step at a time.

Azalea goes on to explain that the twerkpit will be inclusive and welcoming to other styles of dance too. If you want bring your Cha Cha Slide or your Stanky Leg into the twerkpit, you will be embraced. “It’s up to LA to abandon all their fears about looking foolish,” adds Azalea. “Just dance and enjoy it so we can do it at other shows.”

In My Defense is everywhere on Friday, and Iggy explained to us earlier this year that it is filled with familiar energy. "I think it's fun and it's got a lot of energetic songs. It's not as heavy as you might assume based on the title" Iggy explained. "It's referencing a lot of my older stuff and its energy, and I think will be very familiar to a lot of the fans that have been there from the beginning, before I even had a record deal."

Iggy Azalea plays Los Angeles on Friday and will be in New York for a show on Wednesday July 24th. You can find more details here.